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I ordered 50 Diamond Napkin Ring Holders from and after not recieving anything after three weeks I contacted them to get a tracking number on my order. They said they would check on the package for me and said that for an unknown reason the packaged was being sent back to them and they refunded my money that day, without trying to solve the problem.

I tried contacting them several times after that, because I checked my address and it was correct.

They made no attempt to contact me again and they issued the refund just 2 days before my event! I found someone else who was willing to overnight the things I needed, lucky.

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Hi the same thing happen to me even those I order small they still charge my card and never return my refund back to my card or receive my merchandise please let me know what to do about this I should of known better to order from a place without a phone number listed.


I also ordered from Favor Frenzy 12-20-10. My credit card was charged 12-21-10.

I still have not received my merchandise as of 1-20-11.

They have not answered my emails. I definitely will pursue action on this.


Same thing happened to me... I ordered something never received it and they did charge my card.

Question... did you have any fraud charges afterwards on the card you used?? I was just charged $875 on my credit card for purchases in store on the other side of the US. The only suspicious place I gave my credit card number to was Favor Frenzy.

Seeing so many complaints makes me wonder... could this whole online store be just a scam not only to charge you for items you will never receive but also to steal your CC#??

My wedding is two weeks away and I am dealing with fraudulent charges and a canceled credit card i desperately need! Hopefully my new card arrives before I leave for my honeymoon!

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